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Counting (IPA: /ˈkaʊnɪŋ/, /ˈkaʊntɪŋ/)

Counting (p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Count


Action of finding the number of elements of a finite set of objects


Song by Bob Lind


2014 film directed by Jem Cohen

Counting Synonyms

Enumeration, Tally, Numeration, Reckoning, Count

Counting Rhymes

Counting, Mounting, Browning, Chowning, Clowning, Counting, Crowning, Downing, Drowning, Frowning

Accounting, Amounting, Recounting, Surmounting, Accounting, Amounting, Recounting

Spanish Translation

Counting in Spanish is Contando

Example Sentence (Quote)

" " like us? Counting up the minutes -- have we spent half an hour together?" - Peter Greenaway

Example Sentence (Quote)

"Do you spend your days counting the hours you're awake, and when night covers the sky you find yourself doing the same" - Rise Against

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Find Emma... Stop Arsenal. This is my last order -- as your Commander-In-Chief... I'm counting on you!" - Last words in Metal Gear series games

Example Sentence (Quote)

"It is not the most pleasant employment to spend eight hours a day in a counting house." - Thomas Robert Malthus

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Sakon, I am counting on you." - Samurai Warriors

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