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Consumer (IPA: /kənˈsumɝ/)

Consumer (n.)

One who, or that which, consumes; as, the consumer of food.


Person or group of people that are the final users of products and or services; one who pays something to consume goods and services produced


Organism in an ecological food chain that receives energy by consuming other organisms


Conjugation table for French verb

Consumer Synonyms

Synonyms: []}

Consumer Rhymes

Bloomer, Blumer, Boomer, Bruemmer, Brumer, Coomer, Groomer, Humor, Loomer, Plumer, Roomer, Rumer, Rumor, Schumer, Shumer, Toomer, Tumor, Woomer

Consumer, Okuma

Spanish Translation

Consumer in Spanish is Consumidor

Example Sentence (Quote)

" African audiences cannot accept our passive consumer role in the presence of film. (p. 44)" - Marshall McLuhan

Example Sentence (Quote)

" BoP consumer problems cannot be solved with old technologies." - C. K. Prahalad

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