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Concise (IPA: /kənˈsaɪs/)

Concise (a.)

Expressing much in a few words; condensed; brief and compacted; -- used of style in writing or speaking.


Municipality in Switzerland

Concise Synonyms

Elliptic, Curt, Telegraphic, Taciturn, Compendious, Summary, Compact, Elliptical, Cryptic, Epigrammatic, Brief, Pithy, Apothegmatic, Aphoristic, Succinct, Terse, Sententious, Crisp, Laconic

CONCISE (Acronym / Abbreviation)

COSINE Network's Central Information Service for Europe

Concise Rhymes

Bice, Brice, Bryce, Buysse, Deiss, Dice, Dise, Dyce, Feis, Geise, Geiss, Gneiss, Grice, Guice, Heise, Heiss, Hice, Ice, Kies, Kleiss, Kreiss, Leiss, Lice, Meiss, Mice, Nice, Nyce, Preiss, Price, Pryce, Reiss, Rice, Schweiss, Slice, Spice, Splice, Stice, Theiss, Thrice, Tice, Trice, Twice, Tyce, Vice, Vise, Weis, Weiss, Weisse, Wice, Wrice, Zeiss

Advice, Berneice, Concise, Device, Devise, Deweiss, Entice, Excise, Matteis, Midprice, Misprice, Precise, Reprice, Suffice

Spanish Translation

Concise in Spanish is Conciso

Tagalog Translation

Concise in Tagalog is Maigsi

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