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Brussels (IPA: /ˈbɹəsəɫz/)

Brussels (n.)

A city of Belgium, giving its name to a kind of carpet, a kind of lace, etc.


City and municipality in the Brussels-Capital Region, capital of Belgium


Town in Ontario, Canada


Village in Illinois, USA


Civil town in Door County, Wisconsin


Meteorogical Service of Canada's station for Brussels (MSC ID: 6121030), Ontario, Canada

Brussels Synonyms

Capital Of Belgium, Belgian Capital, Bruxelles, Brussels

BRUSSELS (Acronym / Abbreviation)

Brussels Griffon

Brussels Rhymes

Brussels, Hustles, Muscles, Mussels, Russel's, Russell's, Tussles

Spanish Translation

Brussels in Spanish is Bruselas

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Don't criticise my country for dealing with the reality of the migrant crisis that Brussels refuses to face" - Gjorge Ivanov

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Template:Flag: All three Libyan governments have condemned Brussels attacks." - 2016 Brussels bombings

Example Sentence (Quote)

" When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice." - European Union

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