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Beware (IPA: /bɪˈwɛɹ/)

Beware (v. i.)

To be on one's guard; to be cautious; to take care; -- commonly followed by of or lest before the thing that is to be avoided.

Beware (v. i.)

To have a special regard; to heed.

Beware (v. t.)

To avoid; to take care of; to have a care for.


EP by The Misfits


Album by Will Oldham


1946 film by Bud Pollard


Song by Big Sean


Album by Afrika Bambaataa

Beware Synonyms


Beware Rhymes

Aer, Air, Ayre, Baehr, Baer, Bahr, Bair, Bare, Bear, Behr, Blair, Blare, Caire, Care, Chair, Cher, Clair, Claire, Clare, Dare, Darr, Derr, Dreher, Err, Eyre, Fair, Faire, Fare, Fehr, Fer, Ferre, Flair, Flare, Fraire, Freyre, Gair, Gare, Gehr, Glare, Guerre, Hair, Haire, Hairr, Hare, Hehr, Heir, Herr, Herre, Kahre, Kehr, Khmer, Klare, Knerr, Kreher, Lair, Lare, Lehr, Mair, Maire, Mare, Mehr, Mer, Nair, Ne'er, Pair, Pare, Pear, Phair, Plair, Prayer, Rare, Reher, Sare, Sayre, Scare, Schehr, Scherr, Sehr, Serr, Share, Sherr, Skare, Snare, Spare, Square, Stair, Stare, Stehr, Sterr, Swear, Tear, Terre, Their, There, They're, Traer, Ware, Wear, Wehr, Werre, Where, Zehr

Abair, Adair, Adaire, Addair, Affair, Alair, Allaire, Astaire, Auclair, Aware, Bancaire, Beaufrere, Belair, Belaire, Beware, Bezaire, Boisclair, Coderre, Comair, Compare, Convair, Corriere, Declare, Delair, Despair, Dispair, Ensnare, Forswear, Frontiere, Geniere, Gisclair, Glenayre, Impair, Kenmare, Laware, Leclaire, Lefrere, Lemaire, Macnair, Mcnair, Midair, Moliere, Montclair, O'hare, Opere, Pentair, Pershare, Pierre, Praxair, Prepare, Repair, Santerre, Sinclair, St_clair, St_claire, Swissair, Takecare, Trosclair, Unfair, Voltaire, Westair, Whitehair

Almaguer, Bellemare, Billionaire, Canadair, Debonair, Disrepair, Doctrinaire, Icelandair, Javier, Jeanpierre, Larosiere, Laterriere, Maxicare, Microware, Millionaire, Nationair, Questionnaire, Solitaire, St_pierre, Unaware, Usair

Euromobiliare, Multimillionaire

Spanish Translation

Beware in Spanish is Tener Cuidado

Tagalog Translation

Beware in Tagalog is Mag-ingat

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Beware what earth calls happiness; beware All joys, but joys that never can expire." - Happiness

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Even after killing ninety nine tigers the Maharaja should beware of the hundredth." - Tigers

Example Sentence (Quote)

"If fortune favours, beware of being exalted; if fortune thunders, beware of being overwhelmed. (Strauss, 1994 p. 1001)" - English proverbs

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Keep your passions in check, but beware of giving your reason free rein." - Karl Kraus

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of the Sadducees." - Jesus

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