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Autobiography (IPA: /ˌɔtəbaɪˈɑɡɹəfi/)

Autobiography (n.)

A biography written by the subject of it; memoirs of one's life written by one's self.


Biography written by the subject


Recorded album by Ashlee Simpson


1978 live album


Album by Nat Adderley


Book by David Morrissey

Autobiography Rhymes

Biography, Demography, Geography, Lithography, Mammography, Orthography, Photography, Pornography, Topography, Typography
Bibliography, Choreography, Chromatography, Crystallography, Hagiography, Iconography, Oceanography, Polarography, Radiography

Spanish Translation

Autobiography in Spanish is Autobiografía

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Every autobiography is concerned with two characters, a Don Quixote, the Ego, and a Sancho Panza, the Self." - Ego

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