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Anneal (IPA: /əˈniɫ/)

Anneal (v. t.)

To subject to great heat, and then cool slowly, as glass, cast iron, steel, or other metal, for the purpose of rendering it less brittle; to temper; to toughen.

Anneal (v. t.)

To heat, as glass, tiles, or earthenware, in order to fix the colors laid on them.

Anneal Synonyms

Normalize, Temper

Anneal Rhymes

Beal, Beale, Beall, Beel, Beil, Biehl, Biel, Bleil, Briel, Cele, Ciel, Creal, Creel, Deahl, Deal, Deale, Deel, Diehl, Diel, Eel, Feel, Feil, Fiel, Foell, Freel, Friel, Giel, Gilles, He'll, Heal, Heel, Keal, Keel, Keele, Keil, Kheel, Kiehl, Kiel, Kneale, Kneel, Leal, Meal, Meehl, Mele, Miele, Neal, Neale, Neall, Neel, Neil, Neile, Neill, Niel, Peal, Peale, Peel, Peele, Peil, Piehl, Piel, Real, Reale, Reel, Riehl, Riel, Scheel, Scheele, Schiel, Schiele, Seal, Seale, Seel, She'll, Shiel, Skeel, Smeal, Spiel, Squeal, Steal, Steel, Steele, Steil, Stiehl, Teal, Teale, Teall, Teel, Teele, Theall, Theel, Thiel, Thiele, Veal, Veale, Viel, Viele, We'll, Weil, Wheel, Zeal, Zele, Ziehl, Ziel

Abele, Adriel, Anneal, Appeal, Azbill, Brasil, Brazeal, Braziel, Camille, Cecile, Chmiel, Conceal, Congeal, Corneal, Corniel, Emil, Emile, Enrile, Estill, Ferrill, Genteel, Havill, Ideal, Ifil, Ifill, Jabril, Jarriel, Lucile, Lucille, Maciel, Macneal, Macneil, Macneill, Madill, Mcdeal, Mcgreal, Mckeel, Mcneal, Mcneel, Mcneil, Mcneill, Mcniel, Mczeal, Menil, Morrill, Nevil, O'neal, O'neil, O'neill, Oneal, Oneil, Oneill, Ordeal, Pierceall, Popeil, Puerile, Repeal, Reseal, Reveal, Savill, Shaquille, Surreal, Szczygiel, Terrile, Unreal, Unseal, Vandriel, Vanheel, Vantil, Vasil, Verrill

Averill, Becerril, Mendivil, Pospisil, Villamil, Villarreal, Zavadil


Spanish Translation

Anneal in Spanish is Recocer

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