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Aesthetic (IPA: /ɛsˈθɛtɪk/)

Aesthetic (a.)

Alt. of Aesthetical


Extended play recording

Aesthetic Synonyms

Philosophy, Esthetic

Aesthetic Synonyms

Aesthetical, Sensuous, Enhancive, Painterly, Artistic, Esthetic, Esthetical, Beautiful, Cosmetic

Aesthetic Synonyms

Artistic, Esthetic, Pleasing, Tasteful

Aesthetic Synonyms


Aesthetic Rhymes


Acetic, Aesthetic, Ascetic, Athletic, Cosmetic, Emetic, Frenetic, Genetic, Kinetic, Magnetic, Pathetic, Phonetic, Poetic, Prophetic, Prosthetic, Synthetic

Alphabetic, Anesthetic, Apathetic, Arithmetic, Bionetic, Diabetic, Dietetic, Diuretic, Empathetic, Energetic, Homiletic, Kinesthetic, Sympathetic
Apologetic, Diamagnetic, Epigenetic, Ferromagnetic, Geomagnetic, Helionetic, Hyperkinetic, Intermagnetic, Paramagnetic, Peripatetic, Pharmakinetic, Unsympathetic

Spanish Translation

Aesthetic in Spanish is Estético

Example Sentence (Quote)

" All art preserves mysteries which aesthetic philosophers tackle in vain." - Anthony Burgess

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Art is the human disposition of sensible or intelligible matter for an aesthetic end." - Art

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment in recognition of the pattern." - Alfred North Whitehead

Example Sentence (Quote)

"I came to the conclusion many years ago that almost all crime is due to the repressed desire for aesthetic expression." - Evelyn Waugh

Example Sentence (Quote)

" John I'm trying to find the Island in the West. Sensible You refer, no doubt to some aesthetic experience." - C. S. Lewis

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