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Admonition (IPA: /ˌædməˈnɪʃən/)

Admonition (n.)

Gentle or friendly reproof; counseling against a fault or error; expression of authoritative advice; friendly caution or warning.

Admonition Synonyms

Monition, Admonishment

Admonition Synonyms

Monition, Word Of Advice, Warning

Admonition Rhymes

Britian, Fission, Mission, Titian, Wishon

Addition, Admission, Ambition, Attrition, Audition, Clinician, Cognition, Commision, Commission, Condition, Contrition, Dentition, Edition, Emission, Fruition, Ignition, Logician, Magician, Mccuistion, Mortician, Munition, Musician, Nutrition, Omission, Optician, Partition, Patrician, Permission, Petition, Physician, Position, Recission, Remission, Rendition, Sedition, Submission, Suspicion, Tactician, Technician, Tradition, Transition, Transmission, Tuition, Volition

Abolition, Acquisition, Admonition, Ammunition, Apparition, Coalition, Competition, Composition, Daffynition, Decommission, Definition, Demolition, Deposition, Dietitian, Disposition, Electrician, Erudition, Exhibition, Expedition, Exposition, Extradition, Fondkommission, Imposition, Inhibition, Inquisition, Intermission, Intuition, Malnutrition, Obstetrician, Opposition, Politician, Precondition, Preignition, Premonition, Prohibition, Proposition, Recognition, Recondition, Repetition, Reposition, Requisition, Retransmission, Rhetorician, Statistician, Superstition, Supposition
Academician, Decomposition, Geriatrician, Juxtaposition, Mathematician, Pediatrician, Predisposition, Presupposition, Redefinition, Redeposition, Reimposition, Theoretician

Spanish Translation

Admonition in Spanish is Amonestación

Tagalog Translation

Admonition in Tagalog is Babala

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