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Accompaniment (IPA: /əˈkəmpnimənt/, /əˈkəmpnɪmənt/)

Accompaniment (n.)

That which accompanies; something that attends as a circumstance, or which is added to give greater completeness to the principal thing, or by way of ornament, or for the sake of symmetry.

Accompaniment (n.)

A part performed by instruments, accompanying another part or parts performed by voices; the subordinate part, or parts, accompanying the voice or a principal instrument; also, the harmony of a figured bass.


Musical parts which provide the rhythmic and/or harmonic support for the melody or main themes of a song or instrumental piece

Accompaniment Synonyms

Co-occurrence, Attendant, Concomitant

Accompaniment Synonyms


Accompaniment Synonyms

Musical Accompaniment, Backup, Support

Accompaniment Rhymes

Accompaniment, Accompaniment

Spanish Translation

Accompaniment in Spanish is Acompañamiento

Tagalog Translation

Accompaniment in Tagalog is Saliw

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