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Accessibility (IPA: /ˌæksɛsəˈbɪɫɪti/)

Accessibility (n.)

The quality of being accessible, or of admitting approach; receptibility.


The design of products or services for people with temporary or permanent impairments

Accessibility Synonyms


Accessibility Synonyms

Availability, Availableness, Handiness

Accessibility Rhymes

Ability, Agility, Civility, Debility, Docility, Ductility, Facility, Fertility, Fragility, Futility, Gentility, Hostility, Humility, Mobility, Motility, Nobility, Senility, Stability, Sterility, Tranquility, Utility, Virility
Capability, Credibility, Culpability, Disability, Durability, Fallibility, Feasibility, Flammability, Flexibility, Gullibility, Immobility, Inability, Incivility, Infertility, Instability, Legibility, Liability, Miscibility, Nonutility, Plausibility, Portability, Possibility, Probability, Readability, Rehability, Sensibility, Suitability, Taxability, Versatility, Viability, Visibility, Volatility

Spanish Translation

Accessibility in Spanish is Accesibilidad

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Infanticide and infant neglect exist in inverse ratio to the accessibility of abortion services." - Abortion

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