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Abstruse (IPA: /əbˈstɹus/)

Abstruse (a.)

Concealed or hidden out of the way.

Abstruse (a.)

Remote from apprehension; difficult to be comprehended or understood; recondite; as, abstruse learning.

Abstruse Synonyms

Recondite, Esoteric, Deep

Abstruse Rhymes

Boose, Bruce, Cheuse, Coos, Cruce, Deuce, Deuss, Doose, Druce, Duce, Foose, Fuoss, Goose, Hoose, Juice, Loose, Luce, Moose, Mousse, Noose, Preuss, Pruess, Reuss, Ruess, Seuss, Sluice, Spruce, Truce, Trues, Tyus, Use, Zeus

Abstruse, Abuse, Adduce, Asmus, Caboose, Damoose, Deduce, Derousse, Diffuse, Disuse, Ekeus, Excuse, Induce, Labouisse, Lajous, Misuse, Obtuse, Produce, Profuse, Recluse, Reduce, Reuse, Seduce, Vanhoose

Disabuse, Introduce, Reproduce

Overproduce, Reintroduce

Spanish Translation

Abstruse in Spanish is Abstruso

Example Sentence (Quote)

" Abstruse questions must have abstruse answers." - Speech

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