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Abash (IPA: /əˈbæʃ/)

Abash (v. t.)

To destroy the self-possession of; to confuse or confound, as by exciting suddenly a consciousness of guilt, mistake, or inferiority; to put to shame; to disconcert; to discomfit.


Italien rock-band

Abash Synonyms


Abash Rhymes

Asch, Asche, Ash, Ashe, Basch, Bash, Brasch, Brash, Cache, Cash, Clash, Crash, Dasch, Dash, Flasch, Flash, Frasch, Gash, Gnash, Guasch, Hasch, Hash, Kasch, Kash, Lasch, Lash, Masch, Mash, Nash, Pash, Rasch, Rasche, Rash, Sash, Slash, Smash, Splash, Stash, Tasch, Tash, Thrash, Trash

Abash, Furash, Lukash, Noncash, Palash, Precrash, Rehash

Spanish Translation

Abash in Spanish is Avergonzar

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